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What Do You Mean by Screen Printing? It’s Process and Benefits

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Screen printing is a highly popular method used for t-shirt printing. It is also popularly known as silk screen printing, wherein the printing process is done by making a screen using nylon mesh and a stencil. It is perfect for printing on the T-Shirts as it offers a great replication of design. Besides, this method makes the t-shirt stylish, unique, and impressive. There are numerous companies offering screen printing in Las Vegas. You need to identify the best to get the right assistance. For those who have no idea, here are the details.

Screen Printing process

Screen printing is a highly sorted and simple technique that can be finished in a short time, but there are certain steps that need to be followed to guarantee good quality results.

  • To begin with, it is essential to come up with artwork first. This will help keep things clear and make the process fast

  • Once done, it is essential to use photosensitive emulsion for covering the screen.

  • Now, the screen must be dried well

  • Once the screen is completely dry; the stencil must be created

  • Now, you need to create the printing using the machine

  • When it's done, the screen must be placed on top of the cloth

  • Finally, you must distribute the ink thoroughly on the screen using a squeegee.

  • Let the t-shirt dry, and you will have a screen-printed look

Screen Printing Las Vegas

Screen printing benefits

Screen printing is a popular method because of the high quality and vibrant print it offers. Check out some of the other benefits of the process.

  • Screen printing ink is thicker, which guarantees high-quality print. Besides, as there are different types of inks available, one can create numerous effects and textures

  • It is the efficiency of the process that makes it a popular choice. In fact, it is the quickest method of printing on t-shirts. On average in the machine can print about 100 t-shirts in an hour

  • It is a highly cost-effective printing method. So it is mostly preferred when bulk orders are needed to be finished at a low cost

  • Multiple colors can be used for printing

  • The best option for mass production

The benefits of the screen printing process are many. However, there are now many other processes that are preferable for printing. But as screen printing offers versatility and convenience, it has kept the method a popular option.

Contact a good professional

No doubt screen printing offers great results. However, different techniques like embroidery can also be used for getting a good quality result. If you are looking for a good professional who can help you with screen printing or embroidery in Las Vegas, you can contact It Prints Inc. They have experienced professionals who will deliver you quality results at a fair rate.

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