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What Is Screen Printing & How Does It Work?

All individuals are introduced to the term printing. It allows the users to get something on physical products via equipment and tools. When it comes to printing different types of products, such as – fabrics, plastic, cups, etc., some specific methods can be used. Screen printing Las Vegas is an old printing technique. It is a labor-intensive method where the professionals have to use different screens for different colors to print a single pattern. It can be done by using different methods.

· Cup paper stencil method

· Screen printing filler method

· Screen printing emulsion method

These are three major methods. If you want to know how it works, pay attention to the upcoming details regarding the screen printing process.

Screen Printing – A Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Screen Preparation

Firstly, you need to focus on preparing the screen properly. Screen preparation depends on the design or pattern you want to print. Here, the mesh screen is treated with a light-sensitive emulsion by using UV lights. It works like preparing a stencil to mark your desired design on a product. In some cases, people use emulsions directly for printing on the product with water.

Step 2: Color Layer Separation

Some designs contain multiple colors. In the case of screen printing, professionals deal with it by using multiple layers. It also provides a better emboss effect. Along with it, the requirement of the number of screens is also increased. Here, the first step will be performed by the professionals several times. A screen differently for each color.

Step 3: Alignment & Printing

After the first and second steps, all required things are prepared as per the designs. Now, it’s time to align products and screens properly for printing. There are multiple options available for alignment laser technology or manual alignment on a table or desk. In multi-color design, you need to be more careful and maintain proper product alignment for multiple attempts.

Step 4: Applying Heat

In the case of printing, everyone wants results that will last long and make multiple things better. No one wants to see faded designs or prints on clothes after the first wash. For durability and effective results, heat application is required. Heat allows the fabric to absorb the colors and grab them. It helps the colors to get settled on the product perfectly. While performing this particular stage, it needs expertise; otherwise, the worst things can happen.

Step 5: Final Step

Now, you should let the product settle for some time. After some time, you can use the product as you want. You can see some impressive designs or patterns on it. It will allow the colors and fabric to get stability.

These are some key aspects regarding screen printing in Las Vegas and how it can be done. It is beneficial in several ways, such as – dealing with a bulk order. In the case of bulk orders, screen printing becomes a cheaper option than other printing options. If you want to avail of the best screen printing services, you can contact us today. We have expertise in screen printing with proper knowledge and years of experience.

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Genelia Huang
Genelia Huang
12 oct 2022

I really appreciate you taking the time to write such a detailed and informative post on screen printing techniques. I have always been interested in this topic, but I never knew where to start. Your post has given me a lot of food for thought. Thanks again!

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