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What's The Difference Between Screen Printing And Digital Printing?

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

All individuals want to wear something attractive and impressive only. Mainly, they want to attract numerous individuals with their top-notch clothing. It is the main reason why some people are considering the option of custom printing options. When it comes to hiring the services, people consider proper research and gather complete information about the service provider.

Here, they may start getting confused by having multiple options, such as – a digital printing and screen printing. Everyone does not know the difference between both printing types. Due to it, they face problems in making a final decision. In case you are one of these individuals, upcoming details will help you differentiate both options and come up with the best solutions only.

Digital Printing – An Overview

The process of digital printing is completely dependent on technology. Here, you need to create an image on digital screens that you want printing on a t-shirt or wherever you want. While following this method, you need some technical skills, such as – knowledge about image formats, format transformation methods, etc. It is a modern technique that is highly efficient and result-oriented.

Screen Printing – An Overview

In the case of screen-printing methods, the professionals have to use a screen or stencil for printing. It can be easily done by using hands. Once your object is set in the stencil that you need to apply ink on the surface only. In case you are interested in creating a multi-colored design, you should use multiple screens. You cannot apply all colors by using a single screen. If you try such a thing, all colors will be mixed, and outputs will be bad.

Screen Printing in Las Vegas

Difference Between Digital And Screen Printing

In previously discussed details, you can get basic information about both printing styles. In simple words, you can consider screen printing as a traditional method and digital printing as a modern one. Both printing styles can be differentiated on multiple factors.


When it comes to the printing outputs, you can find out screen printing results are more vibrant. Here, you can get better brightness and saturation effects. In case you want to leave a good impression on others, it can be chosen. Digital printing techniques are not that effective in delivering quality and vibrant results. In the comparison of screen-printing, you can find out its outputs a little bit dull.

Digital printing methods work with the use of watercolors. In the case of screen printing, plastisol ink is used. Plastisol ink is useful in delivering more vibrant results.

Color Blending

When it comes to creating effects or unique designs on t-shirts, many individuals like to have gradients. Color blending is a specific technique that can be useful in printing gradients. Based on color blending factors, digital printing is superior. It can provide the best results and color blends by using lesser color volume than screen printing.

Color Matching

Color matching is one of the biggest steps for getting loveable outputs. In the case of corporate printing requirements, it is essential. If you want to create some awesome color matchings, screen printing is more efficient than digital printing. In digital printing techniques, you can use technology and multiple slots for matching, but still, it is not at the same level as traditional methods.


It is also an important factor. No one wants to get printing results that can get faded after a short period of time. Everyone is looking for printing results that cannot get dull with washing. Here, screen printing should be considered. The results of digital printing are less durable comparatively.

These are some key differences between both printing styles or techniques. Before choosing one, you should discuss things with experts regarding your requirements.

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