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What Is The Best Way To Create Screen Printing Designs?

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

These days, the trend of t-shirt and cloth printing is getting popular day by day. It allows the individuals to get their stuff printed as per their desires and get some awesome results. For fulfilling printing requirements, there are different types of options available. Mainly, these options are differentiated based on printing styles or methods. If we talk about the best and most popular one, screen printing is considered the most.

When it comes to hiring someone for these services, you will get several other options as well. There are different types of methods available for screen printing. In the following details, we will discuss everything about it.

Methods Of Screen Printing

Spot Color Screen Printing

Spot color techniques are much simpler as compared to numerous other methods. If you choose this particular technique, you can get better results with the use of different types of colors. Most commonly, this technique is considered for printing different types of materials and apparel. It is known for providing vivid results.

Halftone Printing

Halftone printing techniques are unique. Here, the printing will be done by following the dotting methods. The most interesting fact about this technique is that it is completed by using a single color only. It means you cannot add color variations. The variations in appearance are created with color toning that provides different appearances or effects when you see it from a distance. If you are too close, you can easily figure out that the complete printing is done by only using a single color. The use of dot printing methods leads to some illusions and creates unique effects.

If your budget is low, it can be a great option for you. The main reason behind the low price is the use of one color only. It decreases the printing cost as well. In case you love monochromatic artwork, you should consider the halftone screen printing method.

Grayscale Printing

Grayscale printing is defined by some specific colors only. In this printing technique, a range of colors from black to white is used only. In other words, you can say the shades of gray colors only. According to the surroundings, these shades are printed in specific ways that can lead to both white and black effects. The most important thing about grayscale printing is that you can consider it by setting up a low budget with ease. There are numerous high-quality images or prints that can be accomplished by using this technique.

CMYK Printing

It is also known as a 4-color screen printing technique. Here, the users have limited options regarding colors, such as – cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black). CMYK printing is a good option for people who have a low budget but want a multi-colored output. The use of limited color ranges will decrease the cost and result in some good prints as well. Most commonly, people consider it for printing white color materials and clothes.

Duotone Printing

Duotone printing is highly related to halftone techniques. Here, the professionals are using two colors for printing only. When it comes to printing, you can see the usage of halftone of both colors and a great combination. Combining both halftones will lead to some impressive effects. While working with this method, you need to be careful and smart with the color selection.

Screen Printing Designs

Final Words

These are some major screen printing methods. If you are thinking of choosing the best one, you can make a final decision as per the requirements. All methods are used to get a different kind of output. Here, you can discuss facts with professionals for more clarity and making a beneficial decision.

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