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What Are The Different Types Of Embroidery Techniques?

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Although not a commonly used form in the current time, embroidery is among the most treasured art forms. Today, embroidery techniques are majorly used to display custom artwork, logo designs, or organization names. Different embroidery techniques and machinery are used together to achieve the final results. Check out the different types of techniques the professional uses to achieve the desired embroidery finish.

1. Counted thread embroidery

In the technique, counted threads are used for each stitch. Thus, it helps generate symmetrical stitches. The most common type of such thread embroidery is cross-stitch.

2. Outline embroidery

In this embroidery technique, the design outline is made using varying stitches. In simple words, the technique is made by overlapping the back stitches to develop a new pattern.

3. Whitework embroidery

It is a technique used for white fabrics. The technique always includes different types of embroidery methods. It helps bring out the best on the white fabric.

4. Patchwork embroidery

In this embroidery technique, small pieces of fabric or clothes are put together on a bigger fabric base. They are arranged as per the aesthetics. Both hand stitches and machine work is used for the technique. Patchwork is preferred to give out a greater effect. In this technique, you can use any type of stitch you like to decorate your design. It is preferably used for decorating quilts.

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5. Shadow work embroidery

The embroidery technique involves herringbone touch, which is majorly used for transparent or semi-transparent fabrics. It is preferred because the shadow can be visible on the fabrics in a beautiful manner. The embroidery technique generally works on a semi-sheer or lightweight fabric like Georgette, organza, muslin organdie, etc.

6. Fish scale embroidery

In this embroidery technique, the fish scales of fishes like goldfish are used for embroidery designs. It is preferably done on velvet. First, the fish scales are prepared, and then holes are created based on each scale. Once done, they are stitched onto the fabric in a predetermined design.

7. Candle making embroidery

The technique is an alternative to whitework embroidery. In candle making embroidery technique, heavy cotton threads are used on unbleached muslin. It is considered a traditional embroidery technique as it has been used for ages and uses an old method called a colonial knot, which is done to form a design line.

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