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How to Choose the Best T-Shirt Material? A Guide to Fabric Blends

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Best T-Shirt in Las Vegas

Choosing a T-shirt design can be highly complicated. But you must not forget the fabric. So instead of picking up the cheapest piece, which might be the first option, it's better that you know the right tips and techniques for choosing the right fabric for your custom T-shirt printing in Henderson.

1. 100% cotton t-shirts

The majority of the buyers prefer 100% cotton t-shirts as they are a more economical option. The cotton t-shirt is soft, and cotton being a skin friendly fabric, is highly comfortable to wear especially in summer. It all depends on the company. There is a great difference between one t-shirt company and the other. But if you are looking for an economical option, 100% cotton t-shirts are the best.

2. Polyester and cotton blends

The polyester material is manufactured using a chemical process, which means you cannot find much polyester growing outside for use. Polyester has numerous features like heat-resistant, wrinkle and tear-resistant, water-resistant, etc. B they also offer a better stretch and feel very nice.

If you have tried polyester fabric, then you might know how durable and comfortable they are. Although they might be a bit costly than the cotton t-shirt, they will offer great comfort and will be worth the money.

3. Tri-blend fabric

Just like the name suggests, tri-blend is a mix of polyester, cotton, and rayon. Rayon in the trio does magic. It is factory-manufactured, but unlike synthetic, it is manufactured using organic material, which is wood pulp. Rayon gives a feeling of wool, silk, cotton, or linen. It is a highly versatile material. You can find a numerous variety of tri-blends available as they are highly comfortable. But remember, they are the most expensive options of all.

Alternate t-shirt options

Besides the above three common t-shirt materials, there are a couple more options you can try out. However, these options are limited from the above choices; thus, the material cost can be a bit expensive.

1. Bamboo

Bamboo is highly popular for T-shirt materials as it is anti-bacterial and comes with moisture assistant qualities. They are a great choice for performing a daily exercise routine. The material helps keep down the temperature and makes hot summer days tolerable.

2. Viscose

It is a type of rayon, manufactured in the factory using wood pulp. It is an environmentally friendly choice. Although there are some same qualities as rayon, it is similar to bamboo because of moisture resistant quality.

3. Hemp

The material for decades has been used for a number of purposes. However, hemp apparel has just started to gain popularity. They are comfortable and a great way to save the planet as it helps absorb a massive amount of carbon dioxide.

Choosing the right t-shirt blend

Choosing the right fabric for shirt printing in Las Vegas requires a lot of expertise and skills. It is the stage where one tends to make the mistake of choosing the wrong fabric. For instance, they might purchase an expensive fabric which when added with the cost of printing will be beyond the budget. So, to avoid facing difficulty, you must consider taking professional help. It Print Inc. has 25 years of expertise in helping people choose the best material for custom t-shirts and offer quality printing services. We can offer you fast and quality printing service. We can offer you great fair price printing services that fit your requirements. So do not wait and contact us to get the best printing services.

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