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4 Printed Goods That Can Help Your Business Grow

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Screen Printed T-Shirts for  Employees

Getting people to notice your organization is one of the most significant challenges facing a new company. Many brand marketers turn to the internet to spread the word about their business, but that approach leaves out many effective marketing strategies. Even in the digital age, there are many ways that print marketing can help a brand get noticed. Here are four ways that screen printed materials from It Prints Inc. can help your business grow.

Creating T-Shirts for Customers

If your brand has an iconic logo or marketing phrase, you can have it printed on a shirt that customers can buy. Fans of the organization will pay to have a printed shirt that contains a simple logo, funny design, or clever phrase. These materials benefit the brand in multiple ways. First, the company can make money on t-shirt sales, which is why many bands, plays, and even YouTube channels, sell t-shirts to fans. When your fans wear the clothing, it advertises your brand to new audiences. If someone sees your company on a shirt, then stumbles on it while searching for something, they will remember that they saw someone locally who supported your organization. This tactic is used by people who run for public office. They use everything from street signs to t-shirts to increase their name recognition.

Screen Printed T-Shirts for Employees

Printed t-shirts aren't just for the customers, and there are many marketing benefits to having custom shirts made for your staff. For the team members, the employee shirt is a sign that they are part of a team. It may seem like a small thing, but it can make a real effect on team spirit and work performance. Having all of your employees in company shirts also makes your team look more professional to customers. For example, a moving company seems more professional when everyone has shirts with the company name and logo than when everyone shows up wearing something different. It also makes it easier for customers to tell who works for the business and who doesn't.

Trade Show and Convention Printing

Everyone at conventions and trade shows likes a free gift, and by using It Prints Inc., you can give out items that also advertise your business. A commonly used version of this tactic involves coffee mugs. You can easily have a coffee mug or bag printed with your business name, logo, contact information, and a list of services. Giving out mugs to office workers ensures that others will notice your business. Coffee mugs tend to stay at the office, either in the kitchen, where it gets used by everyone, or they are left on the desk as a place to hold pencils and pens. Custom-printed gifts like coffee mugs are perfect because they are something the client will enjoy while working as a subtle long-term advertisement. If you want to get a printed mug or something similar to give out at conventions and trade shows, It Prints Inc. can help you.

Business Cards

Though they may seem a little old fashioned in the digital age, there's are many advantages to having a high-quality business card. They are easy to exchange in a hurry, and you can hand them out to people you meet. A high-quality business card automatically makes a business or person seem more professional. Business cards are also a tangible item that potential clients can hold onto until they need it. A potential client is more likely to act on a business card that they've kept in front of them, rather than on digital contact information that can easily get lost among other emails and digital materials. If you want a fantastic business card, It Prints Inc. can help turn your vision into reality.

If you’re looking for the best screen printer in Las Vegas, It Prints Inc. is where you need to go. At It Prints Inc we strive to be your one-stop shop for all of your printing needs! We can accommodate your order whether you are printing business cards or 10,000 screen printed t-shirts. Send us a message online if you would like a quote for your next project.

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